Don't overlook hardwood flooring

Don't overlook hardwood flooring if you're ready to pick a new floor covering. It could be the best choice for every room in your home. You'll enjoy hardwood for stunning visuals, excellent performance, and a long lifespan.

No matter your requirements for new flooring, you'll find a match here. And the more you find out about the benefits, the better decision you can make. We'll help by providing information and more for your best results.

The most beautiful look

Wood floors offer extensive customizations for every product we offer. You can change the species, color, texture, format, and installation layout, to name only a few. So, you can customize your results to fit any need for any size project. Trends in hardwood tend to last for decades, so a trendy flooring choice will stand the test of time. Consider neutral stain colors and whitewashed wood or a high-variation combination. These can serve any space with outstanding results, so browse with care.

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Durability is a vital component of wood floors

With a lifespan of 100 years or more, hardwood flooring is an outstanding choice. These floors stand up well to daily wear and more with a professional installation and care. And they could be the last floor covering you ever have to buy.  Your lifestyle will dictate your specific needs, and each home is different. For example, if you have very little in-house traffic, you won't have to be as careful about your choices. But for busy spaces, choose the best levels of durability and protection.

Important installation facts you won't want to miss

Professional installation is one of the essential services for your hardwood flooring experience. Both solid and engineered wood flooring must go through the acclimation process. Acclimating ensures humidity equalization before the installation service. Acclimation guards against floors splitting, cracking, or warping after installation. We'll tell you more about it when you choose your specific flooring. And if you have questions, we have answers.
Hardwood flooring in Lucedale, MS from Southern Flooring and Design

We have the hardwood flooring you need

Southern Flooring and Design is happy to provide you with outstanding floors and services. Our associates are standing by to share a wealth of knowledge when you’re ready to shop. And we put years of experience behind every hardwood flooring remodel.

If you live in Lucedale, MS, Hurley, MS, West Mobile, MS, Pascagoula, MS, or Ocean Springs, MS, stop by our Lucedale, MS showroom to shop any time. We'll make sure you find the perfect wood floors for your home. We look forward to working with you toward your best goals.